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About MauriBella

Women clothing & accessories

Your new online Shop in Mauritius.

MauriBella is an online shop for premium quality occasion wear. We are all about glamorous fashion and styles. We believe in empowering women with confidence and allure because the way we dress up has an impact on our mood. The happier and confident you feel inside, the more beautiful you look and nothing can stop you from having that strong first impression, whatever the occasion you want to conquer.

We work hard on carefully designing our clothes locally, in Mauritius, with unique features like colour, cuts and fabric selection, so every woman can stand out and be her own unique glamorous beauty. Our first clothing line has been made in four different sizes. Every woman is beautiful and our clothes are bound to take your beauty to the next level. Our clothes will make you feel sexy, classy and very stylish indeed. Shop online, shop MauriBella for your special occasion!

We are sure you will find something suitable for the right occasion, be it a day out, night out or a party.  So, why not face the world in style while we are at it?  Happy shopping ladies!