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Dip Hem Dresses

Vedhna 08/08/2021 0 comments

What are dip hem dresses?

Dip hem dresses are those where the bottom part of the dress goes low at one point, usually the middle. It reveals your legs more and provides more fluidity with your movement. This feature makes the dress super elegant and sexy at the same time. We have three different designs of dip hem dresses, all exclusively made for MauriBella. They will hopefully be here end of August. We have this one in bronze and black sequin top with chiffon bottom, then we have a deep red flower sequin with glitters on it and the last one is in light brown and gold sequin top with champagne colour chiffon bottom skirt. They are ideal for any party, day, evening or night time. They are prefect choices if you want to stand out and look glamorous. They will be available in four different sizes, namely UK8,10,12 & 14.

The bardot style of the top reveals delicate and feminine part of a woman, the shoulders. The sequin adds glamour while the inner skirt shows off beautiful legs. The chiffon bottom is modern and alluring. Look and feel fabulous in our dresses.

MauriBella, dressing you with Style & Glamour!

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