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Online Clothes Shopping in Mauritius

Vedhna 17/08/2021 0 comments

We all know how daunting it is to shop online when we are so used to seeing and feeling things physically in front of us. With the advances in technology and the current covid-19 situation, we are having to adapt and rethink how we go about our habits of shopping. Online shopping for clothes is still not the best thing people want. People are still not that confident to shop online unless they have known the brand for some time unlike if you have a brick and mortar store. We, at MauriBella, understand this hesitation which goes in the head of people around. The need of trying a garment before buying isn’t present. The choice of talking to someone face to face is also not there. There’s only a photo to give you an idea of the product and your feelings to judge the type of fabric used for making that outfit in question. That is why MauriBella came up with their own sizing chart and we also offer that personal shopper experience at the convenience of your home or a shopping mall so you can try, see and feel the garments. Also, with the added value of being able to talk to someone in person is huge. We also offer exchange facility in case you are not satisfied with the garment you chose initially.

Things to do when purchasing online:

  1. Use the chat button to talk to an advisor as they are here to help.
  2. Check all the information on the website. Take your time and ask for clarification by chatting to an advisor, calling or emailing the customer service directly.
  3. Check the size guide well and if in doubt, ask someone to help.
  4. Make sure the website is secure and you have flexible method of payments.
  5. Check the amount of time it will take to receive your parcel

Our delivery is by post and collection at pick up points, which are mainly malls. It is just a matter of choosing your slot of time and day when checking out on the website. If you want to chat or call to arrange pick up, your are most welcome to do so.