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Red Dip Hem Dress

Vedhna 15/08/2021 0 comments

Special features:

Our carmine red dip hem dress has several lovely features to make you feel out of this world! The neckline shows off beautiful delicate shoulders while the sequin top add glamour especially in the lights during evening and night time. The top mesh fabric consists of glitters and sequins in flower patterns. The small sleeves show off the tulle fabric and the flower patterns even more. Next is the inner skirt fabric which is made of high quality stretch cotton fabric. It is thick enough and soft to the touch. Being stretchy it is very comfortable to wear for all your body movements. It is a mini skirt which showcases your sexy legs while walking. The outer skirt is of soft and delicate chiffon fabric which adds a very feminine touch to the dress. The high low of the skirt provides more movement to the dress making it alluring while walking in it.  Finally, the colour of that dress! It is one of the most beautiful deep red dress someone can own. It is a bright, deep, bold and very sophisticated red colour. If you want to be the talk of the town, then be sure to strut to your party in style with one of our dip hem dresses!

What to wear with these dresses:

Heels are a must on these dresses. A nude colour or golden heels makes this look super sexy. Add a glittery or glossy clutch bag. Pair up with dangling gold earrings, you will be ready to go.

How to care:

Dry cleaning is highly recommended. If you can’t then gentle hand wash is suitable.


The sequin fabric was specially made for this dress and the colour carefully chosen. Owning one of our locally designed dresses is a piece of luxury!


MauriBella, dressing you with Style and Glamour!