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Sizing and Measurement

Vedhna 05/03/2024 0 comments

Size and measurement go hand in hand. How many of us know how to measure ourselves? How many of us know how to read a size chart? There must be a good bunch of us out there who find it hard to even look at! So, let us delve into the complexity of it, and we, at MauriBella, how we deal with and manage different sizing charts from different suppliers.

We use mainly UK and Asian (Chinese) references on our chart simply because our clothes are sourced from China like most and the rest of the world. Chinese suppliers provide low, average, and high-quality garments. We buy online which means we don’t get to inspect a garment physically. Our price ranges from average to high because we like to source the best for you. We take the risk for you and in many cases the clothing quality don’t reach the standard for aim for. Always look for the relationship between the price and the quality. the higher you pay the better the quality.

Now, with regard to sizing, different suppliers have different measurement range and so will different retail shops. As such MauriBella has it’s own. For example, a UK12 bust size is 98cm, which may be classified as a totally different size for a retail shop based in US. While we are smaller on average in size compared to Americans, we are bigger in size compared to a Chinese person. Hence, garments received are all measured and categorised in terms of sizes. Some Chinese suppliers provide big size while most of them run small. Once we have measured the bust, wasit and hip, we determine their respective sizes.

When shopping on our website, it is important to check the size chart. In case you want specific item measurement in order to give you accurate indication of the size, then please ask one of our customer representative. For example, in case a piece of clothing has very stretch material, we will at times indicate the measurement up to which it can stretch to. Other times, these are predetermined for you so you can rest assured in choosing your usual size without calculating the amount of stretch.

In summary, please stick to your size as per your body measurements when buying online.