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Trends & Styles 2023

Vedhna 16/02/2023 0 comments

From Ruched, Puff sleeves, and Bralette to carrying the tiniest handbags ever, this year we will see feathers combined with sequins, fringes, and sheer fabrics. In terms of blazers, they will be oversized with a more relaxed fit. A bralette underneath or a crop top will be the best pair with those blazers.

With regards to dresses, the mini trend is still ongoing strongly. We will be able to see more minis in fringes combined with sheer and cut out fabrics. Even blazers will make a come back as mini dresses. Skirts, slip dresses and gowns will be bold in terms of thigh high slits. Sheerness and silky dresses will add sultriness to our look. So look out for these while shopping.

Denim in all its form other than the normal jeans will make a come back , be it in skirt embellished in pearls, cut outs, laces, they will be very sexy.

This year cut outs are going to be very big, on waist, around the neck, the front ann back, they will indeed have a big impact this year. You will see them almost everywhere! So, why not try out cut out gowns in high slits and backless dresses?

One shoulder cut outs will still be a big thing this year, so ramp up your fashion sense and include these pieces in your wardrobe.

Colours will be bold and cool this year. We will see more of a cobalt blue, directly inspired from the runway to high street. If you have had beautiful cool blue piece of clothing hiding in your wardrobe, then it’s time to get them out.

Animal Prints will still be highly present all around with a twist in accessorising them and pairing them with different other prints. Think about a cross of zebra and a tiger, a leopard and giraffe! They are not everyone’s cup of tea but those bold enough and who carries them effortlesstly, it’s time to shine. Why not try our one shoulder, leopard print satin dress?