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Bras solutions to all top styles

Vedhna 08/01/2022 0 comments

You know the feeling when you get super excited about your new dress, can’t wait to wear it but there’s something which is a big obstacle, especially for those busty ladies! Yes, you guessed it right, the big question, what bra to wear underneath? Well, we have different solutions out there and the industry keeps on innovating in an attempt to find the best solution as we don’t have one suit all product. Ladies, we all have been struggling with that and we have at some point postponed wearing that lovely dress we had our eyes set on. We have put together some of the most popular methods used by women from hacks to proven products.

A: Multiway Bra: Simple and genius use of your bra with removable straps

For halter neck:                                                  For halter neck and backless:                                                   Crisscross for sports vests:




Crossbody dress:

B: Other types of bras without straps:

For backless dresses up to the waist like our black peplum dress:

Either use a bra with straps that stick only on the sides for a clean look or use a silicon bra which sticks on the top for that pull and support.


C: For sports wear use comfort bras as this one:

D: For plunging neck dresses with push up or same support:

E: For Bandeau dresses: This bra will not necessarily give you that push up or lift, so avoid if you are big breasted. It might help tighten your waist though.

F: Those needing hassle free and extra support:

Now if you need extra support and want to avoid the droopy boobs, your best bet is to use the breast tapes which come in different skin tones and has super strong adhesive. It is imperative to wear nipple pasties with them.


Right now, we have disposable nipple pasties, breast tapes and silicon pull up bra available in our online store. We will aim at bringing you more versatile and innovative products. As usual, our delivery on the island and to neighbouring islands like Rodrigues, Seychelles and La Reunion are free.